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In the above, the firm's choice of capital in the low tax jurisdiction and the substance requirements together dictate its choice of labor in that jurisdiction ([lambda][K.
An essential component of this approach is to place key supply chain managers and executives in those low tax jurisdictions, where they will be responsible for setting strategy and directing high-value supply chain activities across the region.
However, it would appear that if the cascading theory is applied, under the proposed provision a 4 percent tax would be due on the amount ceded to the low tax jurisdiction.
The technical sessions in the seminar will deliberate on topics, such as, loan and equity capital and investment flows in BRICS, portfolio investment and capital flows from low tax jurisdictions.
The meeting came amid concerns being expressed by tax experts about the taxation of participatory notes and the impact which the treaty revision can have over investment from other countries, including Singapore, Cyprus, and other low tax jurisdictions.
As pressure rises against low tax jurisdictions, Cyprus can no longer rely on its tax regime to attract foreign investment and keep its economy growing, and should therefore prepare for the post-tax harmonisation era, according to economist Marios Zachariades.
The UK government is also in the middle of introducing the Diverted Profit Tax, unveiled by the Chancellor, George Osborne, in the Autumn Statement, which aims to counter the use of "aggressive tax planning techniques" to divert profits to low tax jurisdictions from the UK.