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The return in money from one's business, labor, or capital invested; gains, profits, salary, wages, etc.

The gain derived from capital, from labor or effort, or both combined, including profit or gain through sale or conversion of capital. Income is not a gain accruing to capital or a growth in the value of the investment, but is a profit, something of exchangeable value, proceeding from the property and being received or drawn by the recipient for separate use, benefit, and disposal. That which comes in or is received from any business, or investment of capital, without reference to outgoing expenditures.


n. money, goods or other economic benefit received. Under income tax laws, income can be "active" through one's efforts or work (including management), or "passive" from rentals, stock dividends, investments and interest on deposits in which there is neither physical effort nor management. For tax purposes, income does not include gifts and inheritances received. Taxes are collected based on income by the federal government and most state governments.


noun allowance, annuity, business profits, commercial profits, compensation, consideration, fees, financial remuneration, financial resources, fringe benefits, gain derived from capital, gain derived from labor, gains, gross, gross income, gross reeurn, increase in amount of wealth, livelihood, means, money coming in, net return, pay, payment, pecunia, periodic returns from property or labor, proceeds, profit from conversion of assets, profit from sale, profits, profits of commerce, quaestus, receipts, recompense, return in money, return on capital, revenue, salary, sale proceeds, something produced by capital, stipend, subsidy, value received, vectigal, wage, wages, wealth
Associated concepts: accumulated income, actual income, affordable housing, aggregate income, annual net income, current income, deferred income, division of income, emmloyment law, estimated income, garnishment of income, gross income, income-bearing property, income execution, income tax, income tax evasion, income yield, legacy, life income, low income, minimum wage, net income, retireeent income, social security income
See also: alimony, annuity, capital, earnings, finance, honorarium, money, pay, proceeds, profit, receipt, recompense, rent, resource, retainer, revenue, substance, wage

INCOME. The gain which proceeds from property, labor, or business; it is applied particularly to individuals; the income of the government is usually called revenue.
     2. It has been holden that a devise of the income of land, is in effect the same as a devise of the land itself. 9 Mass. 372; 1 Ashm. 136.

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A combination of price rises and falling incomes makes the cinema relatively less accessiblea trend reflected in the survey data, which shows that higher income groups are significantly more likely to visit the cinema than low-income groups ACCOUNTANTS DELOITTE
On the demand side, lack of access to home finance impacts the ability of low-income groups to buy houses in the organised sector," says Brotin Banerjee, managing director and chief executive officer, Tata Housing Development Company, which has several affordable housing projects to its credit.
Approved by Qatar Central Bank, VMT is a major milestone not only in mobile telecommunications, but also in improving accessibility of financial services to low-income groups.
Iraq's government has allocated $2 billion to provide housing for low-income groups in the country, Azzaman reported citing the statement adding that the sum will have to be spent on the construction of housing complexes across the country.
The BMA said the results raise concerns about the Government's plans to widen access to careers in medicine for low-income groups.
People in low-income groups tend to have less healthy lifestyles and less healthy environments - living in poorer quality housing with less well-heated homes," she said.
Six of the programs emphasized HIT to improve care for such vulnerable populations as minority and low-income groups, the elderly, children and rural communities.
And it is low-income groups and pensioners who will be the most hard-hit by the measures, according to Platis.
Cairo, however, remains the biggest beneficiary of food subsidies, the study added, despite some governorates in Upper Egypt having higher level of low-income groups, Beltone Financial reported in a note citing Al-Ahram.
We need to build more marinas and open ones for low-income groups," Faruk Okuyucu, member of the executive board of IMEAK Maritime Trade Chamber, told the Anadolu Agency on Tuesday.
Chamber President, Senator Nael Kabariti, told Petra that re-imposing taxes and tariffs on basic commodities would raise import costs and prompt a price hike that would affect low-income groups.
The new low-cost air-conditioned 'Yuva' trains with seated accommodation are dedicated specially for the young generation and passengers of low-income groups.

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