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They want the government to reclassify them as members of the lowest caste so they can benefit from government quotas.
Gandhi attempted to influence people's attitudes and behaviors toward the lowest caste by trying to erase historical distinctions.
The last and lowest caste coming from God's feet is the Shudras.
George (a businessman who has undertaken numerous humanitarian projects in South India), India Untouched: The Forgotten Face of Rural Poverty assesses how economic liberalization measures have left much of rural India behind, particularly those belonging to the lowest caste, called "untouchables".
The Dalits, also known as the Untouchables, are the lowest caste in Hindu society.
The city's hinin, Japan's lowest caste, were made to live in the area and to do the labor forbidden by the Buddhist faith--the butchering, the curing of skins--so that the wealthy could have their meat and leather, leaving the "inhuman" with the guilt of blood on their hands.
Gandhi declared that untouchability should be abolished and the non-caste, apparently renamed dalit, became the lowest caste.
Hindu religious tradition has prohibited members of the lowest caste and other religions from entering certain temples.
The highest caste is the Brahmins (the priest caste, of course) and the lowest caste are the Untouchables.
Macwan, born among the one hundred and sixty million Dalits (formerly "Untouchables") who form the lowest caste in India, has dedicated his life to improving their fate.
When the series begins, Seg-El lives in the planet's lowest caste and fights to redeem his family's honor and save his planet from chaos.