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In the James Bay lowlands 600-million-year-old limestone is a different challenge.
has agreed to acquire MacDonald's entire interest under the MacDonald/Hawk Precious Minerals Assignment Agreement, which permits MacDonald to acquire 100% of Hawk's right to earn a 50% interest in 39 mining claims owned by Noront Resources and Freewest Resources which are located in the McFaulds Lake area of the James Bay Lowlands.
Grade II-listed Lowlands is a community centre but is in need of urgent repair.
The younger, northern lowlands of Mars show no evidence of striping, and much less of the crust appears to be magnetized, Connerney says.
We believe that their proven capability and experience as members of the discovery team at the Ekati diamond mine adds tremendous value to our James Bay Lowlands portfolio and greatly enhances our prospects for diamond-bearing kimberlite discovery in the region.
Lowlands is big, but not that big, and with all this grandeur sgueezed into slightly too small a space, the hall appears a little comical- like an over-the-top stage set.
In 1903 the Revillons Freres, a fur trading company from Paris, set up their post in the lowlands at the southern tip of James Bay, in what is now known as Moosonee.
To account for the vastness of the lowlands, the lava ponds must have been hundreds of kilometers across, says McEwen.
Pele is actively exploring on four project fronts, including Goldcorp-funded programs at the Ardeen Gold Mine and Festival Diamond projects along with in-house programs at Wawa Gold and the James Bay Lowlands.
Historic Lowlands was once dubbed Britain's most beautiful community centre.
Everest, a random assortment of craters, and a broad brushstroke of lowlands.
TSX VENTURE:ADB) is pleased to announce that the Company began its Winter Drilling and Test Program at the Moose River Basin CBM Project, in the James Bay Lowlands of northern Ontario.