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This is intended to be the second in a Series of Projects aimed at supporting the Government's efforts toward the restoration of two million hectares of peatland and promoting a framework the sustainable development, restoration and conservation of lowland areas in Indonesia.
Landscaped parkland make up part of the lowlands, such as Wynyard Park in its woodland estate and Hardwick Park, including a 36-acre lake.
We classified landcover based on whether tree species present measured at bed sites were deciduous or coniferous and were typically found in uplands or lowlands (Table 1).
The Durham Coast and Lowlands area covers the east of County Durham, including the coast stretching from Dawdon to Crimdon, the rural south of the county such as Newton Aycliffe and Sedgefield, as well as part of southern Sunderland.
The arrangement, which she insisted met EU payment criteria, saw the "uphill" movement of EU cash away from the lowlands.
These historians and storytellers performed selective ethnic filtering; they told a story of the Hudson Bay Lowlands but left out the Lowland Cree.
Lowlands in West Derby was built by leading architect and builder Thomas Haigh in 1846 as his country residence.
Multivariate analyses using NMDS and perMANOVA indicated that in the lowlands, seeding and fertilization treatments had small but significant effects on plant species composition that differentiated seeded from unseeded sump caps.
ABSTRACT: Previous research indicated high variability in availability and habitat use by female moose in the lowlands of Gros Morne National Park (GMNP), Newfoundland and Labrador, an area dominated by bogs and forest.
Washington, August 22 ( ANI ): Multiple factors - some natural, like climate change; some human-made, including large-scale landscape alterations and shifts in trade routes - led to the 9th century collapse and abandonment of the Central Maya Lowlands in the Yucatan Peninsula.
Sydney, Australia, May 4, 2011 - (ABN Newswire) - Artemis Resources Limited (ASX:ARV) is pleased to announce that first pass drilling at its Yandal gold project in the gold rich Yandal- Bronzewing greenstone belt in Western Australia, has intersected a promising high-grade gold zone at the Forked Stick prospect and found exciting southern extensions of the historic Lowlands resource.
The World Wildlife Fund estimated that there are only 90,000 Western Lowlands gorillas in the wild, with numbers dwindling due to the destruction of their habitat, and the bush-meat trade in Africa.