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Councillor Wilkinson has many Loyalist ancestors and is always willing to share her Loyalist history.
This party must be rejected at the polls by all unionists and loyalists.
The author argues that while some Loyalists endorsed the British cause on the basis of philosophical or political principles, most Americans took sides, changed sides, or chose to remain neutral due to fundamental exigencies of time and space.
Both the Afghan and US forces conduct regular raids against the loyalists of the terror group in Nangarhar province.
Recently, Maya Jasanoff wrote that "at least sixty thousand loyalists with fifteen thousand slaves in tow" deserted the United States to dwell in lands still flying the Union Jack, adding that, "I will supply full documentation for my estimates in my forthcoming book on the loyalist diaspora.
Chronologically, her analysis really begins in 1783, when loyalists enjoying refuge behind British lines--mostly in New York City, Charleston, and Savannah--concluded that they would have no future in the independent American republic.
Allen uses the same hyperbolic language found in wartime propaganda, reducing the divisions between patriots and loyalists to a morality tale of dashing victors and dastardly villains.
After the peace; Loyalist paramilitaries in post-accord Northern Ireland.
He said: 'We must remember that the loyalists have always said that if the IRA decommissions its weapons, then their own decommissioning will follow.
7) By the early 20th century the Loyalists merited an entire week of activities in Saint John, and their legacy was a powerful barrier to competing visions of the past.
This was a place where loyalists could look past their differences but not now.
Loyalists have met with the Taoiseach on a number of occasions in the last six years.