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Three months ago, prominent distributor Eagle Pictures and H3G inked a multiyear, multimillion euro agreement under which H3G was to get a package of firstrun pics lucratively priced at 200,000 [euro] ($236,000) to 500,000 [euro] ($590,000) per title, with a mere 12-day window.
This creation harked back to an earlier age of silent slapstick which also enabled it to appeal across the generations and, more lucratively, cross cultural boundaries.
I back 21 units per spin, 12 numbers going for me, some more lucratively than others, while 25 go for the house.
Riverdance" might have fueled an explosion of percussive entertainments that have been making a big, well, noise, but there is quite simply no other show doing the rounds at the moment that has put dance so lucratively center stage.
More lucratively, it has also won a contract to manage IT networks for all of Northern Ireland's schools, worth pounds 2 million over the next two years.
The answer: lucratively, thank you Now in its third year, the New York production paid back a capitalization just under the $10 million mark within 29 weeks, regularly breaking its own box office record Opening the month after 9/11, "Mamma Mia
Knockanroe Rover has been sparingly campaigned by Paul Stringer so far this year, but lucratively and impressively.
Last week, Sherwood turned down the Ewood Park club's "final offer" to lucratively extend a contract with more than two years to run.
Conversely, many Americans scratched their heads throughout the lucratively clap-happy shenanigans of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," a determinedly white-bread and ever-so-English show that made the arrival of ethnic risk-taker "Bombay Dreams," whatever the problems of the first-ever Asian-themed West End musical, that much more welcome.