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Lucy Stone was similarly unconvinced by Henry Blackwell's ardent courtship: "You are dearest to me .
Simultaneously, the grassroots activism of Stanton and Anthony's rivals, particularly that of individuals such as Lucy Stone, who led the American Woman Suffrage Association, largely disappeared from historical memory just as their archival remains were heavily excised from the History of Woman Suffrage.
The Lucy Stone Achievement Award Plaque will be given to the individual who, through outstanding volunteer community service, personifies Lucy Stone's final words to her daughter, Alice: "Make the world better.
Geis, nominations of residents from within the Quaboag area are sought early each year, naming a person who has contributed in a meaningful way to their community and in the words of Lucy Stone, to making the world better.
This year the Quaboag Historical Society has bestowed its annual Lucy Stone Achievement Award on Wilfred A.
CUTLINE: (1) Women's rights pioneer Lucy Stone visited this home at 186 Elm St.
The Quaboag Historical Society is pleased to announce that the 2012 recipient of the Lucy Stone Achievement Award is Kenneth Grimes of Brookfield.
WARREN - Nineteenth-century suffragist and abolitionist Lucy Stone, meet your 2012 public relations director, Elizabeth A.
The Quaboag Historical Society is seeking nominations for the 2012 Lucy Stone Achievement Award.
Lucy Stone and Katy Longstreth eat oysters and drink wine.
It is with remarkable restraint that Kerr keeps from completely condemning Blackwell, perhaps out of loyalty to Lucy Stone, who apparently did grow to love him deeply.
Indeed, now that Morris has documented Oberlin's importance as a western centre of antislavery, it is time for another scholar to follow the careers of female graduates such as Lucy Stone and Mary Terrell back East where Oberlin alumnae helped shape the women's rights movement.