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LIEGE, from the Latin, ligare, to bind. The bond subsisting between the subject and chief, or lord and vassal, binding the one to protection and just government, the other to tribute and due subjection. The prince or chief is called liege lord; the subjects liege men. The word is now applied as if the liegance or bond were only to attach the people to the prince. Stat. 8 Hen. VI. c. 10; 14 Hen. VIII. c. 2; 1 Bl. Com. 367.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Considering the experience from and the scale of the exercises of strategic level staged by Russia, also Zapad 2017 and the additional exercises to be held parallel to it will be based on an anti-NATO attack scenario, in which up to 100,000 Russian soldiers and officers may take part --significantly more than officially reported," Luik said.
(205) Online memorial to KW van Luik, accessed at 1520h GMT, W.9.3.2016.
Credit consumption based on asset bubbles leads to a high and rising ratio of debt to income, a sharp decline in aggregate savings, and financial fragility (Luik and Wesselbaum 2014).
12, 1928, in Luik, Belguim to Willem and Caroline Spronck Torgensen.
Luik feels that her entire life has been nothing but a voyage toward Rome.
Reichliches Belegmaterial konnte sie in findiger Weise den estnisch-, finnisch-, deutsch- und russischsprachigen Ausgaben des Buches von Veikko Huovinen "Havukka-ahon ajattelija" und des von Viivi Luik "Ajaloo ilu" entnehmen.
The authors of Diet Nation, Patrick Basham and John Luik, examined two studies produced by the U.S.
On Thursday, a court in Leuven approved the request of the worlds' biggest brewer for an order to restore access to the two sites, while a court in Luik rebuffed the same request for the blocked brewery in Jupille.