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LUNAR. That which belongs to the moon; relating to the moon as a lunar month. See Month.

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Mark Lipson, the company's CEO and owner, founded Lunar Logic in 1997 as a one-man consultancy.
The series is a top Cbeebies preschool show and its hero is Lunar Jim, an adventurer who is curious about everything around him and intent on exploring the unknown.
This particular total lunar eclipse is virtually invisible in the Southern California area, and not particularly good for North America," said Edwin C.
Relatively small amounts of lunar soil have made their way back to Earth.
It was also during this time that a group from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology successfully received a photon echo from the lunar surface from a pulsed laser that was fired at the moon [32].
According to Wendell Mendell, a planetary scientist at NASA, astronauts could get oxygen from lunar rocks.
Enabled by Tricord's Illumina aggregation software, customers can grow their storage by adding individual Lunar Flare NAS appliances to create a cluster, managed as a single resource.
The full lunar eclipse, which can be viewed in a webcast, will last for about an hour and will be visible in the country's western skies if the weather is clear, the organizers said.
Lunar effects were observed in ESP, telepathy, and in the casino.
It is, in fact, quite striking that from 1840 until 1919 (the period from which most of the works in the show were drawn) lunar photographs were found to register details of the moon's topography with less accuracy than the human eye aided by a telescope.
During the late-night Lunar Landing Party, held during the Apollo 11 anniversary, we worked with network news to obtain actual footage of the landing on the moon as it appeared on television 20 years ago.