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LUNAR. That which belongs to the moon; relating to the moon as a lunar month. See Month.

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I am so proud of Moon Express as the only team in the $30M Google Lunar XPRIZE competition to win a $1M award for demonstrating a working lander," said Naveen Jain, Moon Express co-founder and executive chairman.
The Lookout Observatory will allow the viewers to watch the total lunar eclipse with their 14-inch optical telescopes through the low-pitched roof that slides back for a full-sky astronomical viewing experience.
This lunar eclipse is the first of four consecutive total eclipses of the moon between April 2014 and September 2015, what scientists call a lunar eclipse "tetrad" series, and the next will occur on October 8.
LADEE s primary purpose is to study the orbital dust environment and pristine lunar atmosphere.
Eleven issues of the Lunar Section Circular appeared in the course of the year, each a substantial publication in its own right, and the Director is deeply indebted to Peter Grego for his work in editing and producing this essential contribution to the Section's activities.
The website also has data from past lunar programs and missions, including Apollo, Lunar Orbiter, Lunar Prospector, Clementine, Kaguya (Japan), and Chandrayaan-1 (India)--and this includes images; digital elevation and gravity models; hazard assessment maps detailing slope, surface roughness, and crater and boulder distribution; and resource maps indicating, for instance, soil maturity and the presence and abundance of hydrogen and other elements.
It vindicates the presence of water on lunar surface in the form of ice at higher lunar latitudes as inferred by the ( NASAdevised) Moon Mineralogy Mapper ( M3)," said professor R.
The international interest in lunar science and, morerecently, near earth objects (NEO) led to the establishment of the Saudi Lunarand Near Earth Object Science Centre as a focal point for lunar science and NEOstudies in Saudi Arabia.
The answer will be vital to the planning of future manned missions to the moon, including plans for a lunar base and manned missions further into the solar system.
The total number of psychiatric admissions looked at were 89,973 over 467 lunar cycles, 5,575 psychiatric disturbances over 477 cycles, 43,177 crisis calls over 148 cycles, 32,273 suicides or self-harm incidents over 343 cycles, 29,126 homicides over 599 cycles, and 535,836 criminal offenses over 229 cycles.
The map was made using image data obtained by a camera on China s first lunar probe -- the Chang e 1 -- launched in October 2007, the official Xinhua news agency said late Monday.