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LUNAR. That which belongs to the moon; relating to the moon as a lunar month. See Month.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Leveraging Suzuki's specialty in the manufacturing of small and lightweight, yet safe and reliable vehicles, the automaker is well equipped to support the structural development of HAKUTO-R's lunar lander.
Beresheet contained the very first lunar library which is about the size of a DVD but can store carrying up to 30 million pages of information, human DNA samples and thousands of tardigrades.
The entire lunar eclipse started at 02:32 PST, while the partial eclipse was ended at 05:18 PST, the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) sources told reporter.
However, the full lunar eclipse will occur sooner, on May 16, 2022.
The lunar eclipse was extra special because it coincided with the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Apollo 11 mission.
The partial lunar eclipse, which is said to be the last of 2019, started at around 1.31 am and will be ending before dawn on Wednesday.
Partial Lunar eclipse witnessed from Downtown area near Burj Khalifa Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News Partial Lunar eclipse witnessed from Sharjah.
A lunar eclipse occurs when there is an alignment of the moon, the sun and the Earth.
The CDPC predicts that the lunar eclipse will begin on July 16 at 11:44 pm and end at 1:02 am on July 17.
The entire lunar eclipse will begin at 02:32 PST, while the partial eclipse will end at 04:00 PST, the weather department said.
This year's last lunar eclipse will be visible over the UAE skies on July 16.