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Detection of Spatially Extended Sources in High Energy Astrophysics with Special Applications to the Lunar Occultation Observer (LOCO).
Visual timing of lunar occultations has been a staple 'pro-am' activity for decades.
On March 13 there will be a lunar occultation of the double star Eta Geminorum, Propus, which could make an interesting observation.
Also with the demise of the International Lunar Occultation Centre, Japan, occultation predictions are now generated by Andrew Elliott using software by David Herald, with other contributions from Dr Eberhard Riedel of IOTA/ES.
December 4 sees a lunar occultation of the bright star Delta Geminorum, also known by its proper name Wasat.
The lunar occultation of Venus on 2008 Dec 1 was observed by Julian and Richard Baum, by Bruce Kingsley (from Stonehenge) and by Andrew Robinson (grandson of former Director J.
Selected lunar occultations of bright stars and planets during 2015 Date Occultation details Apr 07 gamma Librae (V=3.