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CPUE of nonzero trawls varied between years and with lunar phase (Table 1), but not with tidal phase (P=0.
Logbook records for other trawling grounds in the Gulf of Carpentaria also revealed significant effects of lunar phase on the endeavour and tiger prawn catches.
Overall, as Rotton and Kelly (1985) note, there is little evidence for a significant relationship between lunar phases and extreme individual behaviour.
Lunar Cubit examines the nature of time through nightly contemplation of lunar phases and daily transformation of sunlight into electricity.
The number of squid vessels explained much of the variation in detected light pixels; proportion lunar phase failed to enter the analysis as a significant variable (Table 1).
Sequence of lunar phases New Moon; rises at dawn, sets at sunset; not visible; near the Sun; potential for a solar eclipse.
THE lunar phase is fresh, youthful, exuberant, full of new possibilities, yet with impatient Mars playing up, it seems best not to leap without looking first.
The spa offers four signature treatments, each based on a corresponding lunar phase.
Although Meton's cycle (235 lunations) is a useful periodicity to find quickly the approximate lunar phase in the near past or future, eclipse series with a period of 19 years contain only 3, sometimes even only 2, umbral lunar eclipses, for instance:
THIS lunar phase is about campaigning for what you feel is fair, whether it's about the proper use of resources, or something you are determined to get fixed.
The earliest the date - determined by the lunar phase - can fall is March 22 and the latest April 25.
We found no seasonal peaks in calling, possibly because of the cyclic influence of lunar phase on calling frequency.