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Blackeye gobies did not appear to time reproductive effort with any particular lunar phase, producing similar numbers of eggs during all four lunar phases (Pseudo-[F.
Replacing the normal lunar cycle with either full Moon conditions on every evening or new Moon conditions every night destroyed the normal Acropora lunar phase cycle of midnight transcription peaking at the first quarter Moon for all genes tested in at least one phase of the Moon, and for most genes, at two or more phases.
Lunar phases and survival of breast cancer patients--a statistical analysis of 3,757 cases.
The scientific studies in this respect all indicate that no significant values were obtained that relate behavior during drying to the lunar phase of the felling.
A lunar phase index was allocated to each fishing day according to the four phases of the moon (new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter).
The numbers of sandflies collected during the two lunar phases are shown in Fig.
This points to the Metonic cycle, the well-known period of 19 years after which the lunar phases repeat on (nearly) the same dates of the year.
MacMahon (1983) offered the largest sampling of completed suicides (N = 185,887) and found no association between completed suicide and lunar phases.
As a part of a cumulative six-part, practicum-based assignment, he designed and adapted a fourth-grade unit on the moon and implemented a lesson on lunar phases in his fourth-grade practicum classroom.
To plan a planting date, try to combine a fertile planting sign with a correct lunar phase.
The moon's synodic period is constant, but comparisons between the different durations of durations showed that the lunar phase degrees in the full moon interval vary with a time interval of up to 1 hr 24 min in a 2-day interval related to the observer on earth.
For example, Templer et al (1982) find a significant correlation between lunar phase and accident injuries during darkness hours, a finding they attribute to the luminosity characteristics of the moon in its various phases.