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Muller, "Lunar phase does not influence perioperative complications in total hip arthroplasty," Archives of Medical Science, vol.
The other hypothesis is that lunar phase is a convenient way to synchronize reproductive efforts among numerous individuals (including those of multiple species), reducing larval mortality by swamping their predators.
Statistical comparisons examining the effect of lunar phase, time of day, and individual colony are shown in Table 2.
4) Yes, we call these changes the lunar phases. (Ask students to describe the different phases.)
There is strong anecdotal information from captains who target large pelagic fish that the lunar phase affects fishing success for swordfish and other pelagic fish.
Chi-square tests of independence were used to compare monthly frequency of snakes, activity during lunar phases, diel activity, and sex ratio.
The current paper presents data on sandfly abundance in Marigat in three different locations and two lunar phases as well as relative performance of the CDC miniature light trap, updraft blacklight and downdraft blacklight traps.
This points to the Metonic cycle, the well-known period of 19 years after which the lunar phases repeat on (nearly) the same dates of the year.
MacMahon (1983) offered the largest sampling of completed suicides (N = 185,887) and found no association between completed suicide and lunar phases. Martin, Kelly, and Saklofske (1992) again conducted a metaanalysis review of twenty articles examining suicide and phases of the moon.
As a part of a cumulative six-part, practicum-based assignment, he designed and adapted a fourth-grade unit on the moon and implemented a lesson on lunar phases in his fourth-grade practicum classroom.
To plan a planting date, try to combine a fertile planting sign with a correct lunar phase. Almanacs often have in their calendar pages a column showing what sign the moon is in each day.