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LIEGE, from the Latin, ligare, to bind. The bond subsisting between the subject and chief, or lord and vassal, binding the one to protection and just government, the other to tribute and due subjection. The prince or chief is called liege lord; the subjects liege men. The word is now applied as if the liegance or bond were only to attach the people to the prince. Stat. 8 Hen. VI. c. 10; 14 Hen. VIII. c. 2; 1 Bl. Com. 367.

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On the night August 7, as von Kluge launched Operation LUTTICH, Simonds' columns rumbled off into the darkness.
Edward Luttich has joined the company as Vice President of Research and Development; Steven J.
He went on to state, "Genau genommen, umfasst dieser geographische Begriff nur die belden Grafschaften Flandern, nicht aber den Hennegau, Luttich, Brabant und andere Teile, die an dem Kunstleben der nicht hollandischen Niederlande grosseren Anteil haben als Flandern.