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LIEGE, from the Latin, ligare, to bind. The bond subsisting between the subject and chief, or lord and vassal, binding the one to protection and just government, the other to tribute and due subjection. The prince or chief is called liege lord; the subjects liege men. The word is now applied as if the liegance or bond were only to attach the people to the prince. Stat. 8 Hen. VI. c. 10; 14 Hen. VIII. c. 2; 1 Bl. Com. 367.

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Gravis who wrote to me from Luttich that he had three good examples of it in flower.
The offensive, dubbed Operation Luttich (German for Liege, France, where a similar tactic succeeded in World War I) began with elements of the XLVII Panzer Corps assembling at the start point east of Mortain on the night of August 6.
Hitler decided on Operation LUTTICH, a counterattack at Mortain intended to cut off the Americans in the Cotentin peninsula.
Reardon evaluates the importance of a single battle on the Atlantic front, the counteroffensive by the German army (the Unternehmen Luttich, as it was code-named) in early August of 1944, and its defeat by the steadfast, heroic resistance of the American 30th Infantry Division.
See account of Lambert Drink in Erinnerungen rheinischer Seelsorger aus den Diozesen Aachen, Koln und Luttich (1933-1986), ed.