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However, they say, the results of this study do set the stage for controlled laboratory research investigating potential therapies for persistent Lyme disease infections.
Erythema migrans is the skin rash associated with Lyme disease.
Cameron, an epidemiologist, medical doctor and Lyme Disease researcher, after conducting a research study, "The present findings emphasize that timely treatment of chronic Lyme disease is crucial for outcome.
cdc,gov, and the American Lyme Disease Foundation, www.
Long-term problems associated with Lyme disease include severe headaches, temporary paralysis of facial muscles (Bell's palsy), numbness, poor motor coordination, and memory loss.
Tick larvae are not thought to carry Lyme disease, according to Martin.
What's more troublesome is that the vaccine may complicate diagnosis for the 20% who become infected despite being vaccinated--they may be less likely to consider the possibility of Lyme disease since they were vaccinated.
Even in areas where Lyme disease is prevalent, the chances of developing the disease from a single tick bite is low -- 1.
The symptoms of Lyme disease are often confusing and mistaken for other diseases
Clearly, if you're in an area where the MS prevalence is fairly high and where Lyme disease is frequent, you're going to have some overlap," Dr.
A snapshot of the global therapeutic scenario for Lyme Disease.
It is important to catch and treat Lyme disease early because the symptoms get progressively worse over time," said Elizabeth Matzkin, MD, lead study author and assistant professor of orthopaedic surgery at Harvard Medical School.