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Weight of lymphoid organs in the present study significantly (P<0.01) varied at all levels of MOS.
Self-reactive B cells that are anergized in bone marrow migrate to peripheral lymphoid organs. (40) Anergized B cells are typically localized at the border between the T cell zone and follicle but not MZ (40) in the periphery, and excess CD40L fails to reverse anergy.
The similar results are observed in the histopathology of kidney and lymphoid organs. It indicates that SAP has a prominent role as the antioxidant that inhibits the reactive oxygen species (ROS).
The thymus, which plays an important role in the development of the immune system, is a primary lymphoid organ and a place of T-cell differentiation and maturation [23, 24].
Nevertheless, percentages of Treg, CD4, and CD8 cells and effector and memory ratios within CD4 and CD8 population were not different in lymphoid organs in steady state (Figures 2(a)-2(e)).
Histopathologic and immunohistochemical (IHC) findings in lymphoid organs of control and infected common eider (Somateria mollissima) ducklings experimentally infected with Wellfleet Bay virus (WFBV) (2 days postinoculation).
SPL is also expressed in the immune cells and secondary lymphoid organs. In the spleen, SPL is expressed in both splenocytes and stromal cell fractions.
Leucocytopenia with transient leucocytosis indicating stimulation of lymphoid organs and system due to parasite and its toxins.
Parameters of investigation were weight gain, feed conversion ratio (FCR), live to dressed body weight ratio; weight of various lymphoid organs i.e.
The development and maturation of primary lymphoid organs and peripheral blood leukocytes occur throughout gestation but is not complete until after birth.
In fact, studies have shown that propolis is able to cause immunomodulatory effects in animals, influencing the activation of macrophages, antibody synthesis and the weight of lymphoid organs (Orsi et al., 2000; Ziaran et al., 2005; Qetin et al., 2010; Fischer et al., 2010).
The study of microtopography of lymphoid organs was performed using a binocular microscope MBI-1 (magnification: 12.5X4.0) by the point calculation as modified by Stefanov [10], which allows to determine the relative values of the areas occupied by the structural components of the body (as a % of the total area of the cut).