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In Maryland's two other incidents of white-on-white lynchings, which, unlike the Johnson case, remained unsolved, community standards again appear to be the critical factor in the development of citizen response to violent crime.
Gonzales-Day addresses the concept of vigilantism, but his analysis extends our understanding about how whites used the practice of lynching as more than a tool of extra-legal justice in a western United States often bereft of effective legal institutions.
Most books and articles on lynching work from related sources of information: the Chicago Tribune's coverage of lynchings and yearly tally of lynching incidents; Ida B.
Read by Fonda after the lynching, it is a moving indictment of all vigilantism, stating, in part, "[Man cannot] hang people without hurtin' everybody in the world .
Some lynching cases involved victims who resembled another person.
Solidarity begins, Copeland rightfully contends, in the intentional remembering of the black victims of lynching, who, with Jesus, are martyrs for freedom in this land.
Opening the book is Helen McLure's analysis of the lynching of women in the American West; she notes that the lynching of women provoked horror in most citizens, such that the media regularly masculinized female lynching victims, characterizing them "in a fashion similar to men who fell to lynching, as wicked, unnatural fiends who had provoked a nearly instinctual response from their society" (p.
Egypt's justice minister warned on Monday evening that the lynching of criminals in the streets by angry citizens is a sign of the "death of the state.
Mob lynching has become natural and recurrent in this country," says lawyer Juan Tomas Olivero.
But for Sassoubre, Intruder in the Dust reorients Rider's rebellion retroactively; the meaning of his lynching instead becomes, like that of all lynchings, merely a side-effect of "the dehumanization of both blacks and whites in an economy of exploitation and consumerism imposed by the North" (190).
Only when the cross and the lynching tree are seen together does the truth of redemptive suffering become apparent.