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Earlier this year Dacia - the Renault-owned Romanian car company - launched a new special edition range on the top level trim grade of several models including the new Logan MCV Stepway.
When receiving the order for the time and place, the worker would drive the MCV to the designated location to provide charging service according to the predicted charging demands.
What it does offer is masses of practical family space - the MCV stands for maximum capacity vehicle - in a no-frills package that comes in cheaper than some second-hand hatchbacks.
It is evident from the above diagram that an inverse correlation exists between MCV and [HbA.
In this study, 80% (293/367) patients were having normal or low MCV even they are vitamin B12 deficient.
Dacia says that the new Stepway - based on the recently revised new Logan MCV - has a muscular style with flared wheel arches, roof rails and a ground clearance of 174mm.
The vehicle is based on the New Logan MCV and has a muscular appearance with flared wheel arches, roof rails and a ground clearance of 174mm.
The QTL regions for the RBC, MCV, and MCH levels were compared with the orthologous regions on human chromosomes to detect the positional candidate genes associated with the traits.
The increase in MCV suggests an increase in the number of immature erythrocytes (Lurie, 1993; Kim et al.
MCV Group represents the real automotive industry, as it is the only company that exports its products and owns a large office for designing buses.
For the first time at ITMA 2015, Luwa will show the MultiCell Filter MCV, which is based on proven filtration technology and incorporates leading edge developments, fulfilling the latest requirements of the textile manufactures.