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This press release contains forward-looking statements, including statements about (1) our belief that the enterprise network is transitioning from a wired-centric to a mobility-centric architecture which will impact Aruba's sales and (2) our expectations regarding customer adoption of our MOVE architecture and our AirMesh and MDAC solutions.
Aruba MDAC has been tested and validated with customers to operate on top of existing Cisco Wi-Fi networks.
The TactiCall is said to be installed at the navy's Silvermine MDAC, with further plans to develop it into an advanced solution in the future.
This capability, combined with Aruba Amigopod and Aruba Airwave Network Management, enable the Aruba MDAC solution.
Membership of MDAC is balanced according to region and gender.
MDAC is a group of Microsoft technologies that interact together to provide programmers a uniform means of developing applications for accessing almost any data repository.