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MESE. An ancient word used to signify house, probably from the French maison; it is said that by this word the buildings, curtilage, orchards and gardens will pass. Co. Litt. 56.

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The MESI properties currently produce about $20,000 per month in gross revenue and they contain numerous low-risk drill sites for the development of additional gas production.
Lamb, president of HYTK, stated: "The acquisition of MESI represents a significant boost in gas reserves and cash flow for HYTK.
Optimized for Windows '95 and other multi-tasking/multi-threading operating systems, Aladdin III provides highly efficient bus transactions, along with a highly concurrent architecture and a highly integrated design including an integrated MESI Tag memory, a smart Unified Memory Architecture (UMA) and ECC.
Utilizing a MESI cache architecture, integrated ECC and optimized I/O and CPU, GENIE provides very high-performance system design for these demanding applications.