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MESE. An ancient word used to signify house, probably from the French maison; it is said that by this word the buildings, curtilage, orchards and gardens will pass. Co. Litt. 56.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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5) e altri criteri discriminanti come anzianita e carichi familiari, e necessario che il lavoratore abbia maturato almeno dodici mesi di servizio (di cui almeno sei di lavoro effettivamente prestato) e che abbia un rapporto di lavoro a carattere continuativo e non a termine.
It looked like the sky was the limit for Mesi's career as fans recall the excitement generated by his ring exploits, particularly those two nights in April and in July in Niagara Falls when he stopped highly regarded Cuban fighter Jorge Luis Gonzalez and then won a TKO over "Smokin" Joe Cooper who had once fought for the heavyweight title.
And for her honeymoon, Mesi made it to Egypt all by herself.
Nell'altro studio di Littewood (32), dopo 6 mesi dalla randomizzazione, 6 pazienti del gruppo "esercizio" hanno ricevuto infiltrazione di corticosteroidi, 5 hanno riportato uso di medicinali (antinfiammatori) e 4 hanno ricevuto trattamenti privati di fisioterapia.
The MESi coefficient is -17.99, which means that if the marginal expected loss increases by 1 unit, the bank's expected loss to the whole bank during the crisis will increase by 17.99 units.
El numero de murcielagos capturados en el Mesi y el Mese duplican la abundancia de Bsi (Tabla 2).
MESI, previously owned by Michael, Brian and Troy Tennyson, was established in Dallas.
Human care company Elekta AB (STO:EKTAB.ST) announced today the acquisition of Mesi Medikal A.S, a distributor of radiation oncology solutions in Turkey.
Mr Stjepan Mesi? arrived in Kazakhstan to take part in the VII Astana Economic Forum.
"Most people are looking for something on a major highway where people are going by quickly, but there are also people walking up to it," Mesi says.
On April 25, 2010, in an attempt to simplify data entry, increase reporting, and improve availability of data, NSSS began allowing weekly (instead of daily) reporting of daily counts of the 25 conditions and added the ability of NSSS sites to enter their data directly and electronically through the PEPFAR Internet-based system, known as the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Surveillance Interface (MESI).
Mesi Ramushaba conducted an ancient ritual over an England and a German flag and insisted we will win.