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The Indian met his death, as I suppose, by a mortal wound," said Herncastle.
We did not speak, but in that great half-hour we glanced shyly at each other, and shyly avoided or as shyly returned and met each other's glances more than several times.
2 : to come upon or across <He met a friend while shopping.
Because of commitments elsewhere and the MET teaching schedule, team members did Not travel to Abu Dhabi together, but rather filtered in and out over a period of days, the first arriving in UAE on 20 Apr 2005 and the last departing on 5 May 2005.
I also met with members of a new local, the Northeast PA Dental Assistants Society in Wilkes-Barre, for a brunch before flying home.
A wider circle of drafters is engaged to ensure that the deadline is met, and logistics are closely coordinated to ensure that policymakers are available for timely review and approval of the minutes.
Such applicant shall be admitted to membership in CalCPA upon receipt of a completed membership application and verification that the candidate has satisfactorily met all qualifications for membership as described in these bylaws.
you are serious about") and casual partners ("not a main partner") since baseline and on where or how they had met.
Purpose, audience and content criteria all should be met to charge the costs of the activity to program or management and general.
He says the judge's decision on that aspect will save the tenants $350 to $400 each, and may amount to close to $4 million overall, if Met Life is forced to refund the monies already paid and the completion date is reset.