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Licensing for GoAnywhere MFT has been revamped allowing Linoma to offer a completely free FTP server, including functions to automate FTP transfers.
Richard Casavechia, Chairman of MFT, states, “We are excited to partner with the Afro Latin Jazz Alliance, an organization that shares our goals and is blessed with terrific leadership, so we can take our efforts to the next level.
Over 500 institutions in 30 countries around the world including Pakistan have given MFT permission to publish their prices.
According to SRT, its DMZedge Server provides perimeter security for the company's Cornerstone MFT and GroupDrive Server products, reducing the risk of a network intrusion extending the security and failover capabilities of DMZedge to facilitate HA for the system.
A major enhancement to the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite used by thousands of enterprises for supply chain communications, SEE MFT encrypts, secures, monitors and documents all data transfers both inside and outside the corporate firewall.
1) Gartner, "FTP Replacement: Where MFT Makes Sense and Why You Should Care" by Thomas Skybakmoen, November 8, 2010
Tristan Corsi, vice president, Indirect Distribution - EMEA, Axway, said as the Middle East expands its technology adoption, companies located in this region are looking to leaders such as Axway and Al-Falak to provide them with MFT solutions that enhance visibility, improve governance and solidify community management.
Our MFT program was able to obtain permission from the university Educational Psychology Clinic to use its facility a few afternoons and evenings per week to see clients.
MFT draws international speakers to its stage, bringing attention to mission and inspiring people to get involved.
has licensed Lankhorst's PURE technology to make MFT (moldable fabric technology) oriented-PP tape.
The MFT is a combination calibrator and HART communicator with a modular design that features three bays that accept sensor/simulation modules that support several ranges of pressure, T/C and RTD temperature, and mA/Voltage signals.
MFT is reported to be 30% to 60% lighter, at the same stiffness, than many comparable materials, such as homopolymer polypropylene (HPP), impact copolymer (ICP), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), woven glass products, steel, or aluminum.