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Patients with isolated left anterior descending coronary artery disease undergoing nonemergent revascularization may be successfully treated currently with angioplasty (often with the concomitant use of intracoronary stent), conventional CABG, or the new and evolving technique of MIDCAB.
Cohn et al from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston reported that the incidence of atrial fibrillation was 24% in their MIDCAB experience compared with 20% in a conventional CABG-CPB cohort that was age matched (32).
Most registries and trials of MIDCAB and OPCAB demonstrate equivalent mortality rates, a surprising finding if one assumes a substantial beneficial effect of avoiding CPB.
Working together, CTS and Tenet will provide a pathway for Tenet surgeons to learn the MIDCAB technique, improve their surgical skills in the performance of the procedure and better understand its limitations and strengths.
The CTS MIDCAB Registry data include vital statistics supporting the use of CTS instrumentation in minimally invasive beating heart bypass procedures.
We believe the data from the CTS MIDCAB Registry establishes the safety and efficacy of the MIDCAB procedure in the patient population treated.
revascularization demonstrated patency of 98% for the MIDCAB procedure