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From this information, Themefinder provides brief annotations for the external links, which connect, to a range of resources, including program notes, MIDI files, and articles related to particular themes.
The great thing about MIDI files is that they are so compact you can easily add complex music to a multimedia project or Web page without using too much disk space or bandwidth.
Begun in 1996, the site provides full text, audio via MIDI files, and scores in PDF format for hymns not restricted by copyright in the 1964 and 1989 Methodist hymnals (The Methodist Hymnal, ed.
A third method of entering-material into a score is to import a standard MIDI file of type 1.
The backing tracks in the MIDI file play all the hard parts of the piece and create an overall sound that is familiar, much like what your students expect to hear at a Broadway show, symphony concert or big-band performance.
With the rising popularity of digital media--electronic books and music scores, MIDI files, MP3s, digital photos and digital videos--we have started to enjoy many conveniences.
If your students have a MIDI keyboard with a floppy drive, SmartMedia bay or a USB port that supports USB flash drives, then MIDI files are probably the best option.
If a pianist wants to make a professional-style audio MIDI file recording, Virtual Grand Piano can be used as a plug-in, in conjunction with an audio production program, to burn it to an audio CD without the need for microphones.
Producers, musicians and DJs rely on Producer Loops Limited to provide them with only the highest quality sample packs, loop packs, MIDI files, virtual instruments, audio plug-ins, video tutorials and more, not to mention that everything can be downloaded legally and is 100 per cent royalty-free.
The app also has a remix function allowing users to create new phrases out of the ones that they have chosen and play and edit them on Yamaha synthesizers by exporting them as standard MIDI files, it said.
Color screenshots illustrate how to mix audio and MIDI files into a final project and export the song to an MP3 file.
More problematic is the excellent idea of making it possible for the musically non-literate to hear all the tunes as MIDI files by logging on to <www.