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MIDS-LVT provides a solution to this language barrier because the tactical data link technology, as the MIDS Program Office Director of Operations, Michael Posner, explained, makes it possible for those who do not share a common spoken language to share a common operational language.
This is a very exciting time for the MIDS program office.
Meanwhile, the MIDS program office expects to verify the correction of many MIDS JTRS deficiencies, enter into full production, and achieve IOC in 2011.
MIDs for hand-held consumer electronics are a target, according to Bill Hassink, DuPont's connector industry manager.
Many companies investigated the new MID technology but most pulled back because of high development cost, according to Nils Heininger, product manager at LPKF Laser and Electronics AG in Garbsen, Germany, the developer of a promising new laser-based MID process.
Another obstacle to mass commercialization was the lack of a unified network or infrastructure to support and produce MID parts.
93-12, the Service did not state that a MID would be allowed, just that it would not be disallowed solely because of family control.
The IRS stated that it would value each gift separately, but would reduce a claimed 25% MID and lack of marketability discount because each 30% block carried a "swing vote" opportunity that required a valuation premium.
81-253,(4) the IRS held that a MID would not be allowed for transfers of shares among family members when the family controlled the corporation at the time of the transfer, because the restrictions that generally create a MID did not apply.(5) Thus, there was no need to value characteristics such as swing vote value because, under family attribution, no discount would be allowed.
The Fifth Circuit ruled that the 27.5% interest should be valued not with a control premium, but with a MID, because the decedent's death effectively severed the stock ownership into two minority interests.