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M. When persons were convicted of manslaughter in England, they were formerly marked with this letter on the brawn of the thumb.
     2. This letter is sometimes put on the face of treasury notes of the United States, and signifies that the treasury note bears interest at the rate of one mill per centum, and not one per centum interest. 13 Peters, 176.

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0) If (NEW_Cost = = MAX_USER_COST){ select NEW_Cost from the Cost table of the new network in MIIS server select the access network operator and data rate against the NEW_Cost network end while 2} else{ MAX_USER_COST= MAX_USER_COST-1}} else {If (Cost_ON > Cost_NN) {Then Cost_diff = Cost_ON--Cost_NN NEW Cost = Cost diff + Cost ON select NEW_Cost from the Cost table of the new network in MIIS server select the access network operator and data rate against the NEW_Cost network}} end while 1}
The novel PMIPv6 handover scheme is based on MIIS information function.
De acuerdo con el fundamento teorico presentado en las secciones anteriores y las especificaciones del estandar, dentro del proyecto se desarrollo el modulo MIIS para complementar la implementacion que del IEEE 802.
User identity management vendors OpenNetwork, Business Layers Inc and Oblix Inc are among about 10 companies that will express support for MIIS in varying degrees today.
In April, the residents secured a temporary restraining order against the MIIS project from a Quezon City court, which later granted their petition for a writ of preliminary injunction, preventing City Hall from issuing building permits to the school.
The translation and interpreting program at MIIS was established in 1968.
Recognized for strong programs geared towards grooming professionals able to provide leadership in cross-cultural, multilingual environments, MIIS has integrated Lingotek's technologies to strengthen its curriculum and expose students to cutting-edge online translation technologies.
The residents contend that the MIIS project would violate the Revised Quezon City Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, which made their village part of a Special Urban Development Zone whose distinct character must be protected to prevent traffic congestion and the deterioration of public services.
We have always believed in the mission and core values of the Monterey Institute, which is why many of our independently contracted linguists, as well as select employees and external consultants, are proud MIIS graduates," said Laura K.
Since the development of the microchip, technologies have revolutionized the world by making it a smaller place to live, work, and get an education, he said during the event co-hosted by the Global Challenges Forum and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) in cooperation with the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and MIIS Cyber.
Cruz of Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 226 barred city planning and building officials from issuing permits to the MIIS relocation project.