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MIS. A syllable which prefixed to some word signifies some fault or defect; as, misadventure, misprision, mistrial, and the like.

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Ms Yassine will discuss the reporting and monitoring of near misses in the healthcare setting at the Patient Safety Middle East Exhibition & Conferences organized by Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions on the 4-6 October 2015 in Dubai, UAE.
The analyzed near misses were discussed at each work crew meeting so they were hearing about what happened to other work crews the night before.
All told, there were 35 incidents involving passenger aircraft last year, with most being near misses with military or light aircraft.
Vopak's fund-raising efforts are working - in November, 32 near misses were reported, totting up pounds 64 for the charity.
Inadvertently, we might be neglecting our professional responsibility as advocates for our patients by not reporting all risks and near misses because of staffing issues.
As I spoke with them, I wondered what we in nursing could have done to bring the near misses into the profession at an earlier stage in their careers.
Taylor completely misses the irony here and takes Mrs.
Paige misses his boyfriend, and he misses his best friend.
For example, although most reuse is within a loop nest, in line with popular assertions, most misses are internest capacity misses, and they correspond to potential reuse between nearby loop nests.
Finally, by focusing on theatrical films, Biskind misses entirely the rise of cable and home video.
A group of pilots from Japan's six airlines urged the government Thursday to tighten safety measures for civil airplanes to prevent future near misses with U.
He thereby misses an opportunity to examine the differences between beliefs about poor Catholics and beliefs about rich and aristocratic ones, and to look at the intersection of xenophobia and religious prejudice.