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Three additional human isolates (all with different MLVA profiles) clustered with 0 SNPs to cases and were included in the new cluster definition.
16,18) In this study we identified additional clones using the MLVA genotyping tool.
We found a rodent sample (F0910) with canSNP and MLVA genotypes identical to an oropharyngeal clinical sample (F0898) (online Technical Appendix Table 1), a finding consistent with water contamination that originates from animal sources.
Varalakshmi Vissa for sharing her reflections on the utility of and background to MLVA analysis and leprosy epidemiology.
leprae, and STR mapping by MLVA, in an attempt to further describe the strain types, their distribution, and the relationship, if any, between the genotypes and disease phenotypes.
Because of this, we used a combination of methods, such as CRISPR typing and MLVA, to more precisely define the epidemic strain and confirm that 2 local poultry farms were the source of the increase in human cases in Tahiti during July 2011-April 2012.
However, further MLVA genotyping of preoutbreak isolates is required to determine whether these strains were already present in the region or if they represent a new V.
PFGE reveled 23 of the 24 isolates were identical to pulsotype Y7, which was the second-most prevalent pattern in 2012; MLVA profiles were also similar to those from 2012.
Further studies are necessary to determine associations between P1 and MLVA typing.
The use of MLVA for Corynebacterium diphtheriae genotyping-preliminary studies [in Polish].
Multilocus variable-number tandem-repeat analysis (MLVA) of these isolates improves discrimination of disease clusters for this pathogen, but even this tool assigns 30% of isolates to a single MLVA type.
MLVA was performed as described for 16 variable number tandem repeat loci (5).