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We examined the ability of the MMD to discriminate between children in three different age groups and between the parents of the children in each age group.
sup][16] induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) using the fibroblasts of MMD patients and healthy controls in an effort to detect the associated angiogenic activities and discovered that the proliferation abilities of the cells from the patients and carriers were reduced compared with those of the cells from the controls.
Every attitude and behaviour that an MMD has will either contribute to, or detract from, the customer's perception of, and attitude towards, the business and its products and/or services.
The event was held to showcase the depth of our product line and a chance to get closer to the Egyptian market and to connect with local distributors and resellers," explained Vineeth Sebastian, Regional Sales Director-MEA at MMD.
Our new relationship with AOC and MMD will not only bolster our product offerings, but will also open new business avenues.
MMD also has a vast quantity of wooden pallets that previously took up an area the size of a football pitch.
MMD members say the president's high profile anti-corruption crusade appears to focus only on MMD politicians, chief among them Chiluba, who still wields a lot of power in the party.
MMD has nothing to offer as a parry and Levy has nothing to offer as an individual.
When a person suspected of having muscular dystrophy has myotonia, the diagnosis is likely to be MMD,
MMD has been involved with Suncor, one of the major producers, since 1992.
The distribution centers enable MMD to reach customers in emerging markets in an efficient and economical manner.
MMD is one of the few companies offering these sophisticated capabilities to the medical device market.