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RESIDENTS buying cars are being warned to be vigilant after a number of fraudulent MOT certificates and tax discs were discovered across the region.
Judge Alan Parker told Harvey: "What makes this case particularly serious was not only the creation of false invoices to describe a history which was untrue, but that it also involved, as part of a joint enterprise between you, the creation of a false MoT certificate or the doctoring of an MoT certificate.
A THIRD of motorists have admitted driving a vehicle without a valid MOT certificate, according to a survey.
Christopher Reed, 18, of Runnymeade Road, Whickham Rode an off-road motorbike that had no brakes or MOT certificate dangerously, without insurance, a licence or a helmet in Whickham on June 29.
Three motorists saw their cars confiscated for illegal modifications, while three motorcyclists were reported for not having number plates and six drivers for not having their MOT certificate.
The DVLA recommends that buyers ask to see proof of ownership of a vehicle, such as a bill of sale, and check the vehicle's service records and a MoT certificate to assure themselves that the sale is legal.
AMONG the cases dealt with at Teesside Magistrates' Court on October 7 were: John Paul Hendrie, 41, of West Dyke Road, Redcar, banned from driving for 12 months and fined pounds 290 with pounds 100 costs for drink driving, failing to produce an MoT certificate and failing to comply with a red light.
He was also found guilty of not having an MOT certificate but no separate penalty was made.
Cops also found the car he was driving did not have an MoT certificate.
A MOTORIST was locked up by police for three hours - because his MOT certificate was the wrong shade of green.
Most importantly for would-be caped crusaders, the car is mechanically sound and has a valid MoT certificate and registration document, making it road legal.
We have teamed up with Nationwide Autocentre so you can enjoy the unique care and expertise of one of the UK's finest service centres, and get your MOT certificate for half the usual price - just pounds 26.