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The vehicle will automatically fail the MOT test if the filter had been fitted as standard but is found to be no longer present.
Latest figures reveal that more than eight million vehicles failed the MoT test last year, forcing the vehicle owner to pay for the test to be retaken.
However, we are amazed that this idea has been suggested while the Government is also considering extending intervals between MOT tests.
Road Safety Minister Mike Penning said: "The MoT test plays an important role in making sure vehicles are roadworthy and MoT testers must be experienced and qualified mechanics.
com have also been taking advantage of some of the summer deals and mid-season sales available, stocking up on all sorts of important equipment and accessories, including oils and additives that give cars and vans that extra boost of care before they face their MOT tests.
It is up to the council to ensure any move to bring taxi MoT tests to Cardiff Bus depot is done in a sensitive way.
Up to 40,000 jobs would be lost as the 30million MoT tests a year are halved.
SKINT car owners may be in for a reprieve as ministers consider cutting back on MOT tests.
Pre-war cars may become exempt from MOT tests following a meeting between Transport Minister Mike Penning and members of the All Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group.
RoadSafe joins the Tyre Industry Federation, and other campaigners, with a warning to government that extending the period between MoT tests will put lives at risk.
The Government is to review the requirement for annual MOT tests for vehicles of more than three years old, transport department whip Earl Attlee said last night.
According to the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, which oversees MoT tests, 67% of cars pass the MoT first time and without the need for any remedial work.