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To make an application to a court for a rule or order, or to take action in any matter. The term comprehends all things necessary to be done by a litigant to obtain an order of the court directing the relief sought. To propose a resolution, or recommend action in a deliberative body. To pass over; to be transferred, as when the consideration of a contract is said to move from one party to the other. To occasion; to contribute to; to tend or lead to.

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v. to make a motion in court applying for a court order or judgment. (See: motion, movant)

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This action sets a bad precedent and would open a floodgate for indiscriminate awarding of the MOV. This cheapens the award and might weaken the institution and system of Armed Forces of the Philippines awards.
Trouble could brew in Class II Democratic states with MoV of 6: Iowa (6 electoral votes), Michigan (16), and Pennsylvania (20).
MOVs are made of zinc oxide powder, sintered with other metal oxide ceramics.
Some MOV based suppressor products boast very high surge current capacities of up to 300,000 Amperes without reporting the voltage protection level.
Strikesorb uses an aluminum cathode to channel transient energy over the entire surface area of a compressed distribution grade MOV. By dissipating energy over a wide area preferential, etching is virtually eliminated (Figure 6).
"Very few among the agrarian reform advocates, much less the general public, know that with the issuance of the MOV, the DAR's work is essentially done," he said.
Converter 1080p MTS, M2TS, AVI, MOV, VOB, WMV, TS etc. Mov ovies Stars line up for new X-Men adventure Pics Barnsey shows off his skills!
The Strikesorb module is comprised of a single 40 mm diameter distribution-grade metal oxide varistor (MOV) disc that provides uniform distribution of the surge current over the total area of the MOV protection element.

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