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Development and support efforts for Windows 3.x and its application software are declining almost as rapidly as those for MS-DOS.
(17) Although they do not argue that IBM's initial decision to rely on Microsoft's MS-DOS was illegal, they do argue that Microsoft employed illegal business practices to maintain its monopoly in the operating system market.
Perhaps the least expensive way to recover some conventional memory on an XT class machine is to restore MS-DOS version 3.1.
CSS:Statistica is a high-end statistics program for MS-DOS computers that contains an unusually wide variety of statistical procedures.
The original version is also subject to the constraints of the MS-DOS operating system, including a limit on memory to 640K bytes maximum, and the necessity of running applications one at a time.
A diferencia de esos competidores, Toshiba fue el primero en proponer las caracteristicas que se convertirian en la norma para los equipos moviles con su modelo T1100, ya que contaba con baterias recargables internas; pantalla de LCD; una unidad para discos de 3.5 pulgadas con capacidad de 720KB; ROM de 32KB; RAM de 256KB, expandible hasta 512KB; un procesador Intel de 16-bits 80C88 a 8MHz; modem de 14.4Kpbs; conjunto que funcionaba con el sistema operativo MS-DOS 2.11 y pesaba mas de 4 kilogramos, todo a un precio superior a los $4,000 dolares en 1985.
Windows operating systems that do not support dynamic disk: MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows XP Home.
Better news came from Microsoft, which continued to use authentication holograms with the release of MS-DOS 6.
The systems can be supplied pre-installed and configured with standard desktop or embedded operating systems such as Windows 98, NT and XP Embedded, Red Hat Linux 7.2 or even as a base system with MS-DOS. Arcom Control Systems Inc., 7500 West 161 St., Stilwell, KS 66085; (913) 549-1000; Fax: (913) 549-1002;
And did Microsoft illegally tie Windows 3.1 to its own MS-DOS? Benson will hand down a ruling on Microsoft's claims some time in the next few days.
Web-Collection Plus operates with Catalog Plus v1.50 for MS-DOS and can operate in both windows NT and Novell NetWare environments.
The problem, he says, is mainly due to the game being developed and running in MS-DOS, while most PCs are sold with Windows 95 as the preset operating system.