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MESSENGER. A person appointed to perform certain duties, generally of a ministerial character.
     2. In England, a messenger appointed under the bankrupt laws, is an officer who is authorized to execute the lawful commands of commissioners of bankrupts.

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MSN Messenger for MSN Mobile enables consumers to remain visible online to their contacts even without an active data connection, receive alerts on their handset when their contacts want to communicate via instant messaging, and carry on simultaneous or multiparty conversations concurrently.
The latest--and best--approach to this matter is the approach taken by both iChat and MSN Messenger.
A banner of Close-Up appears at least three times on MSN Messenger each time an MSN messenger user logs in during the course of chatting and during log off.
Yahoo was one of the signatories on Microsoft's letter it sent to AOL in July after it launched MSN Messenger urging AOL to allow users to send and receive messages using their AOL screen name to and from MSN Messenger.
fring also integrates with Skype, Google Talk and MSN networks, meaning their users can now make Skype, Google Talk and MSN Messenger calls from their mobile on any mobile network.
Kaspersky Labs, have announced the registration of computer infections by the Internet worm "Newpic," which are spreading via the popular MSN Messenger pager network.
SEATTLE - A spokesman said Microsoft's MSN Messenger service was mostly restored Tuesday after a weeklong outage, but warned that some users might have lost their personal address books.
A bug in Microsoft Corp's MSN Messenger software, the Redmond giant's rival to America Online Inc's hugely successful Instant Messenger and ICQ, has left Microsoft with egg on its face.
3 has been very successful in launching new services to their customers, MSN Messenger being a recent one, and we are confident that this cooperation will add to the value of being a 3 customer"
The MSN Messenger over SMS service also enables users and fellow MSN Messenger users to communicate via PC and via any SMS-supporting mobile phone.
The Office Notifications feature allows users to see alerts from MSN Messenger 2.
is working to fix a problem that has left about a third of MSN Messenger users either unable to log on or access their personal address books, known as buddy lists.