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Eh mum, I'm loth, that I am," said Bob, slowly depositing his pack on the step, and beginning to untie it with unwilling fingers.
Eh, mum, I told you how it 'ud be," said Bob, flinging aside the colored things with an air of desperation.
You'd do nothing with it, mum, you'd give it to the cook, I know you would, an' it 'ud be a pity,--she'd look too much like a lady in it; it's unbecoming for servants.
Didn't I tell you now, mum, as it 'ud hurt your feelings to look at my pack?
I was took in dreadful, for I'm a straightforrard chap,--up to no tricks, mum.
No, mum, it isn't worth your while; you can go to the shop to-morrow an' get the same pattern ready whitened.
But if I let you have it for ten shillin', mum, you'll be so good as not tell nobody.
Now then, mum, if you'll please to give me the net "
Nay, mum, you'll niver say that when you're upo' your knees i' church i' five years' time.
As revealed in Sky Living's new comedy drama Gates, starring Joanna Page, there are various types of mums who gather at the gate to talk playground gossip and politics.
Last month, we announced the Take It Easy Mum of the Year Awards, sponsored by Littlewoods.