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MACE-BEARER, Eng. law. An officer attending the court of session.

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Balancing work with his time in the Territorial Army, he was offered the role of mace-bearer for Cardiff's Lord Mayor after leaving GKN steelworks.
Those wearing them include extras who volunteered to take part in the film, such as Matt's barber and staff at the Mayor's office in Newcastle, so a mace-bearer is the actual mace bearer while the Sheriff is an ex-Sheriff of Newcastle.
Bournemouth-born Mrs Rey, 47, said: "I'd have thought going in my robes, wearing my chains and going with the mace-bearer would be enough."
In eerie silence on the campus, the Bedellus or mace-bearer, Joseph McIlroy, stood to attention as the funeral cortege passed.
A TROPHY has been presented to the Nuneaton and Bedworth In Bloom competition in memory of the borough's former mace-bearer, Tony Smith.