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Summary Proposition 2: CEOs high in Machiavellianism will design organizations characterized by hierarchy and control, including centralized control, monitoring, and supervision systems; hierarchical structures and status-based reward systems; and employee selection protocols that favour candidates low in need for autonomy.
Support was found for the hypotheses concerning the relationship between organizing performance and Self-Esteem, Machiavellianism, Desire for Control, upward mobility, and downward mobility.
The relevant literature includes scales to measure individuals' levels of Machiavellianism (e.
2012) observed a strong relationship between bullying and psychopathy followed by relationship of bullying with machiavellianism, and narcissism.
We aimed to further validate the past finding that ethical leadership became less effective for improving an employee's personal initiatives when the supervisor's Machiavellianism was higher, compared to lower (Den Hartog & Belschak, 2012).
Machiavellianism is a term derived from the work of Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527).
Unmitigated self-interest has several facets: materialism in beliefs/values, egoism/solipsism, hedonism and Machiavellianism.
A historiometric examination of Machiavellianism and a new taxonomy of leadership.
This aspect of the variable is likened to Machiavellianism.
While narcissism in entrepreneurs has received scholarly attention, Machiavellianism and psychopathy, which complete the "dark triad" alongside narcissism (O'Boyle, Forsyth, Banks, & McDaniel, 2012), have received less attention (Hmieleski & Lerner, 2013).
Kutluy- Ataman's "Kuzu" (The Lamb) was also one of the most refined films of the year with its humorous take on provincial Machiavellianism and a superb performance from Nesrin Cevadzade in the role of a woman who finds herself making a difficult decision about her family.
Gable and Dangello (1994) studied and addressed the effect of job involvement on the relationship between Machiavellianism and job performance.