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Gemmill and Heisler (1972) studied 150 managers working in a large manufacturing firm in the Northeastern section of the United States and found a positive relation between Machiavellian orientation and job strain, and formal control.
Yet, with all the negative implications towards Machivallian orientation, we find that more High Machiavellian individuals are chosen as leaders since they are very effective in manipulating others and tend to be very skillful in finding a satisfying environment that fits their values and beliefs (Gemmil and Heisler).
As his final fee of pounds 80,000 in 2004 suggests, Machiavellian did become a high-class sire, for a time the flagbearer of the Darley operation.
However, Sheikh Mohammed's efforts to turn Machiavellian into a breed-shaping influence have paid off, as the stallion is fast becoming one of the best sires of sires in recent years.
Those respondents that had a high need for affiliation had a lower level of academic achievement and Machiavellian orientation but were more politically oriented.
The need for power, achievement, and affiliation is central to the study of organizational ethics, politics, and Machiavellian tendencies.
With Cato's Letters occurs the reconciliation of Machiavellian republicanism and Lockean liberalism.
A twentieth century definition of a Machiavellian personality is "an individual who employs aggressive, manipulative, exploiting, and devious moves to achieve personal or organizational objectives" (Calhoon, 1969, p.
Machiavellian has always been, and remains, something of an enigma, a horse whose reputation constantly stood some way ahead of his achievement.
Again the T-test results support overall the MANCOVA data in that high MACHS perform better than low MACHS for sales volume, and that Machiavellians is interacting with these other factors since Table 1 is all based on sales volume as the measuring factor.
What can be stated categorically about Machiavellian (who died in June last year) is that he was the best of Mr P rospector's sons at stud in Europe.
Machiavellian is just one sire whose stock have a much better strike-rate on artificial surfaces than on turf.