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MACHINATION. The act by which some plot or conspiracy is set on foot.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Many corruption cases have stalled due to deliberately poor investigations, paralysing the judicial process through dubious machinations or outright bribery of the court officers.
HB 8204 provides a broader definition of game-fixing by including the acts of point-shaving and game machination as prohibited acts in professional or amateur sports competitions.
It is the under-employed who usually fall victims to their machinations, and that is very important.
'It is machinations of all kinds, it can be through the court, by funding court decision.
Summary: Syria, with its factions, atrocities and machinations, has drawn an understandable amount of focus from countries regionally and around the word.
Created over the course of a decade, Bacchus follows cutthroat machinations of immortal Greek gods, especially the crafty Bacchus, God of Wine.
Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed condemned the ceasefire violations by the Pakistani and Indian forces and targeting civilians in the state demanding from Pakistan to stop "military machinations to inflict miseries on the people of Jammu and Kashmir".
He grumbled about a twin ISISs afflicting Lebanese politics thanks to machinations by certain deputies of the opposing camp and those he termed as the "people of the cave".
A Borisov could not divulge further details, as, according to him, his colleagues were currently drafting the motives.A aThe only thing this government can do is expose Brussels' machinations against Bulgaria,a Borisov told journalists in Parliament.
Life is complicated by the jealous machinations of a younger sister and a variety of friends and relatives.
In a statement, the Alliance said that this "aggression is part of the terrorist Zionist violations and regional machinations that want to stir denominationalism in Lebanon".
The history of Sutton High Street machinations makes us all very nervous, because previous 'strategies' from this quarter have resulted in taking us into Birmingham, and we all know how successful that has been!