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Be frustrate, all ye stratagems of Hell, And, devilish machinations, come to nought
Thus it was that about this period in their lives she resolved to take the making of her husband's fortune on herself; to thrust him at any cost into a higher sphere, and to hide from him the secret springs of her machinations.
But then life seems absurd to-day, what of the machinations of the Plutocracy.
I'm laughing at you, just now, love,' said he, redoubling his machinations.
The rhyme in the country-side attested the motive and the result of their machinations candidly:
and constant machinations of Popery, a preservation so strange and
Hale of certain machinations of commercial enemies and secret manipulations of stock.
But through the whole period during which I was the slave of my creature I allowed myself to be governed by the impulses of the moment; and my present sensations strongly intimated that the fiend would follow me and exempt my family from the danger of his machinations.
What the world of America is coming to, and where the machinations and inventions of its people are to have an end, the Lord, he only knows.
They knew that, and their machinations were conducted in secret; consequently, Madame Rigaud and I were brought into frequent and unfortunate collision.
Incessant machinations were to be kept at work by Mr and Mrs Lammle; love was to be made for Fledgeby, and conquest was to be insured to him; he on his part very humbly admitting his defects as to the softer social arts, and entreating to be backed to the utmost by his two able coadjutors.
Unconscious of the proceedings faithfully narrated in the last chapter, and little dreaming of the mine which had been sprung beneath him (for, to the end that he should have no warning of the business a-foot, the profoundest secrecy was observed in the whole transaction), Mr Quilp remained shut up in his hermitage, undisturbed by any suspicion, and extremely well satisfied with the result of his machinations.