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The tensions Harris identified between identity and machine politics that divided the ALP Left are now apparent in the Greens.
Here, as in scores of other battlegrounds in a country that was said to have shrugged itself away from public life for good, remnants of working-class machine politics encountered the spirit of do-good volunteerism and each found the other (more or less) friendly and indispensable.
They appealed to the independent streak of voters, and suggested the endorsement smacked of old-style party machine politics.
These conclusions are based on a reading that disregards much of the historical literature on Irish and African American urban migrations: on the changing labor market conditions migrants faced; on the role of political and labor organization and machine politics in opening up opportunities; on their strategies for getting work, establishing households, forming communities, and putting together steady incomes; on the hardening lines of racial segregation sustained by public policy as well as prejudice and violence.
My friends in Plaid Cymru are praying that Russell wins the nomination, an outcome they believe would do Labour serious damage, not just at the byelection but via a ripple of disillusionment with Fat Cat machine politics elsewhere.
Prodded by a suggestive 1990 journal article by Benedict Anderson and pioneered by the work of James Ockey, academic research on machine politics and local "godfathers" has evolved into something of a small cottage industry in Thai studies, as signalled by the recent publication of a volume on Money and Power in Provincial Thailand (Copenhagen: Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, 2000), edited by Ruth McVey, and the single-authored volume by Daniel Arghiros reviewed here.
Las mafias politicas, la machine politics, el bonapartismo, el populismo, organizan la concentracion del poder como servicio para las clientelas y como negocio para los organizadores.
Until the late 1960s, the Puerto Rican community played by the rules of the Democratic Party's local machine politics.
For much of this century, the machine politics of that city provoked an outpouring of research and popular literature.
Frightened by the influx of immigrants, traditional Anglo-American elites proclaimed their civic-mindedness, hoping to counter machine politics, recoup their cultural authority, and subject public debate to more rational control.
60] In his heady days of power the impetuous, fearless knight had forgotten, to his own temporary ruin, that the successful operation of machine politics depends on a semblance of lawful rule.
In conclusion, this reader believes Bruhn has written an important book, which in time will rival the endurance of Laurens Ballard Perry's Judrez and Diaz: Machine Politics in Mexico, (1978) the classic study of 19th century Mexican politics.