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If you plan on typing the macro without using the macro recorder, you can choose Insert, Module from the VBA menu.
Finally, to create the macros for the three buttons on the Main Menu, select the Main menu tab and turn on the macro recorder.
That tells you the macro recorder is on, storing each keystroke and mouse action.
The overall trick for creating macros is to properly assemble the code from the Macro Recorder and other sources in a program and apply it to the situation rather than writing code from scratch.
0 also contains a macro recorder and a macro library file.
While the macro recorder is running, access the Page Setup dialog.
My Commands also includes a keystroke and desktop macro recorder that allows users to record keyboard or desktop activities and play the recording back by issuing a voice command.
Additionally the new macro toolbar and macro recorder makes it easier to automate repetitive tasks.
The most powerful new tool is the macro recorder that enables users to record macros with a simple point and click, avoiding the time-consuming programming skills needed with other packages.