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HAD anyone even whispered that Limerick, Clare and Cork would be the only teams left standing in the hurling championship on the second last Sunday in August, they would have been deported to the mad house right away.
This is the plan of the mad house and in stark contrast to the only European country that is in a reasonable financial state, Germany, who operate the normal household budget principle of "Do not spend more than you earn - ALL debts have to be repaid eventually".
Unconventional tones are utilized, including screams from a mad house, Latin invocations, classical strings, and ambient chants, with hard beats and noise assault.
For the four-films-old star (counting her two South Indian outings), being a part of the mad house is what counts.
To imply that the wearing of a cross - any more than the display of a football club's badge - is a risk to civilisation as we know it is the stuff of the mad house.
These wind turbines are costing the consumers a fortune and in my opinion are the economics of the mad house.
To check out their latest video, Mad House, search for Red Star and Mad House on YouTube.
We have a bit of a mad house because he has a 13-year-old sister Lauren, a 10-year-old brother Ieuan, a six-year-old sister Lia and a three-year-old sister Amelia.
We deliberately called it Mad House because we wanted people to be mad, not sane, and not to think of normal, incremental changes, but to think about this completely outside of their conventional experience--come up with mad ideas.
What happened on the night was incredibly exciting, and what with all that shoutability stuff, we had to say to the audience, 'For goodness sake, you can't call the answers out', but it was a proper mad house.
A plethora of recent cookbooks have great raw recipes and tips, as do the books and website by David Wolfe, who is often called the father of the movement, (which he calls "sunfood") and who plays "Avocado" on the Sci Fi Channel's Mad Mad House.
Some works to consider might include: Mad House, 1938; Memorial to the Idea of a Man if he was an Idea, 1958; Mysteriously Abandoned New Home, 1958; Mysterious Yellow Mausoleum, 1958; of Battle to the Death in the Ice House, 1971.