Made known

MADE KNOWN. These words are used as a return to a scire facias, when it has been served on the defendant.

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While it is true that the shipment was already out of the customs zone upon NBI apprehension, it must be made known that the MICP released the shipment because the documents were all found to be in order.
He said that the progress made in Sindh needs to be made known to the people of other provinces.
A source, who spoke with Nigerian Tribune on the development said details of the incident would be made known after the Christmas celebrations.
If made known within three months of starting, and accepted by the hospital, your pay will be adjusted and paid from your starting date.
Equatorial Guinea has been represented in this forum by Manuel Mba Nchama, Director General of Human Rights, who in his presentation has made known the reality of human rights in Equatorial Guinea and the sustainable development objectives promoted by the UN in our country.
KARACHI -- Governor of Sindh, Mohammad Zubair on Monday said that the sixth census has been completed and the outcome would be made known in July.
It comes as no surprise that this closure is made known just before a weekend, how convenient that no-one in these organisations can be contacted.
SIR - Paul Flynn, the Labour MP for Newport West, has asked in the House of Commons for "every syllable of the truth" about the Iraq War to be made known and not just "gists" of conversations between Tony Blair and President George W Bush.
The prosecution is calling for sentences of at least four years but the three judges' verdicts will not be made known until a later date.
Eximbank had made known its plans to shed 1,000 workers off its workforce, while Vietinbank, BIDV, ACB and SHB have pared down their employee numbers by as much as 1,200.
I read your January edition but was discouraged that the whole truth of Western interference in Mali is not fully made known to your readers.
I am not getting into the royalist-republican issues as often appear and I have made known my views in previous correspondences, which is everyone's prerogative, as we enjoy freedom of speech and choice unlike many other countries.