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"Food support will be provided to the displaced population of Ambae on Maewo for a maximum of six months before withdrawing its support," a government statement said.
HMAS Choules relayed Australian humanitarian supplies flown into Port Vila and Luganville by the Royal Australian Air Force to evacuees on Maewo, Pentecost Island and Espiritu Santo.
However, those areas with matrilineal descent systems such as Maewo, north Pentecost and east Ambae are more freed from kinship restraints than those agnatic systems such as the Small Islands, Ambrym and south Pentecost (Allen, 1984).
Around 8,000 people have been evacuated to the island of Espiritu Santo, and around 3,000 more to nearby islands of Pentecost and Maewo.
The most temporally distant tauva begins with the flooding of the land that separates Pentecost Island from Maewo, and the dispersal of primordial manifestations and essences called atatun vanua.
The PM has also disclosed that the country has secured funds from Italy for setting up a 75 kilowatt hydropower system on the Talise River on Maewo to serve around 260 households.
In 1976-77 Peter Crowe, an ethno-musicologist from the University of Auckland, now resident in France, undertook research into the traditional music of Ambae and Maewo. During the course of his research he was assisted, among others, by Jeffrey Uli Boe (Maewo) and James Gwero (West Ambae).
The thesis concentrated on agricultural intensification and human impact on the environment of Aneityum, the southern-most inhabited island of the archipelago, as well as ethno-archaeological study of irrigation systems on the northern island of Maewo (Spriggs 1981, 1986).