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She even ventured a rag carpet, which, the women's magazines informed her, had newly returned into fashion.
He planned to buy some more clothes, to subscribe to many magazines, and to buy dozens of reference books that at present he was compelled to go to the library to consult.
In imagination Anne saw herself reading a story out of a magazine to Marilla, entrapping her into praise of it -- for in imagination all things are possible -- and then triumphantly announcing herself the author.
I never thought much of that magazine, anyway," said Diana hotly.
They produce so badly in the baser magazines that it's impossible to swear to them; there's nothing for it but a visit of inspection.
Raffles addressed himself to the reading of the magazine with a shrug that showed some temper.
He stopped and looked at the magazine he had so hastily slapped down.
What you just read in that magazine which seems to cause you so much excitement.
I think the copy was shown to the editor of some magazine who rejected it indignantly on the sole ground that "the girl never says anything.
To-morrow" appeared first in the Pall Mall Magazine.
I think it would be nice just to call it Our Magazine," she said.
Our Magazine is to be 'a feast of reason and flow of soul.