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Those of us who have some khowledge of firearms recognize the magical thinking at work.
This magical thinking stayed with me for almost five years.
In The Year of Magical Thinking, her wrenching memoir of the year following the death of her husband John Gregory Dunne, Joan Didion describes the episodes of magical thinking that forestalled her acceptance of Dunne's sudden absence from her life.
If this "magic" number seems like magical thinking to you, you may be right.
In 2011 she appeared in the play based on Joan Didion's 2005 novel The Year of Magical Thinking in the Theatre de l'Atelier,
An engagement with neoliberal economic doctrines in the vein of Milton Friedman and Friedrich von Hayek may have mitigated this claim to magical thinking.
While any prediction about the future or how a decision will turn out is a guess, educated guesses are more likely than magical thinking to deliver results we want.
Keywords: intolerance of uncertainty, pattern-seeking behavior, anxiety, paranormal beliefs, magical thinking.
Only wishful and magical thinking could lead us to believe that reaching our elder years would free us from such dangers.
Other works, such as Silence and Silence, Magical Thinking inform through opposites.
But these very questions indicate how much magical thinking is involved in the independence campaign.
And Linda Emond, who stars as Willy's wife Linda, had acted in all the developmental workshops of the stage version of "The Year of Magical Thinking," produced by Rudin.