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More recently, in July, McSam sold a 74,000-square-foot site to Magna for $59 million, according to city records.
Peerless is Magna IV's fourth acquisition in the past 15 years, according to Kent Middleton, president of Magna IV.
Magna Steyr noted that a German Automotive Industry Association study predicts natural gas vehicles could account for about four percent of all German vehicles by 2020.
What it means for sure is that he's still got a chance to become chief executive officer of Magna," says a CEO in the supplier community who is close to Hogan.
On October 28, TACOM requested that the SBA reconsider the COC because (1) the original supplier controlled the tooling, which cost between $100,000 and $750,000, for which Magna proposed $9,825; (2) the personnel of Ayeone and Magna were the same; (3) the two companies shared the same address, at which neither was present to handle business transactions; (4) the employees had not worked for Ayeone or Magna for years, although they had done consulting work and were owed money by Magna; (5) the professional management consultant had no contract with Magna, would not provide services without an agreement, and was owed money from the past; and (6) Ayeone owed Magna $54,000, when it went bankrupt.
1), last March Magna launched Student Exec, an advertising-supported newsletter mailed to more than 15,000 student leaders and advisers at colleges around the country (NL/NL 3/31/01).
The proposed plan comes as Magna, like the rest of its autoparts rivals, continues to assess the full impact of world-wide slowdown in the auto industry.
Industry observers have named Magna, which has its headquarters in Ontario, and the Coventry-based parts supplier Mayflower as the component firms.
Based on our investigation, we are prepared to institute litigation to preserve the company and the value of Magna stock for all shareholders.
At the Magna booth, #7506 in North Hall LVCC, attendees will get an interactive glimpse into the car of the future in two ways:
Country: , GermanySector: Electronics, Motor VehiclesTarget: Magna's Radar Engineering unitBuyer: Continental AG Vendor: Magna Electronics Inc, Magna International IncType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed