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Coke provides the gloss: 'neither the king, nor any of his baylies, or ministers, shall take the wood of any other'-'nec alii boscum'-'for the kings castles, or other necessaries to be done, but by the license of him whose wood it is' (Coke on Magna Charta, 35).
The Magna Charta Observatory is a non-profit organisation, based in Italy, which was founded to promote and safeguard the rights of its 750 affiliated universities.
The Magna Charta is the world's most visible statement of principles for the promotion and protection of university autonomy.
The Magna Charta was to be more fully realized in a new democratic order facilitated by the 1867 Reform Act and extended, no less, to the rights of women, as voters and free citizens, though its style and rhetoric were overwhelmingly masculinist in the breast-beating patriotic mode.
Ms Meyers is a member of the San Francisco Chapter of the National Society of Magna Charta Dames and Barons, and also president of her local branch of the Colonial Dames of the Seventeenth Century Chapter.
Parini espone i pregi dell'egualitarismo, citando il "Sermone della Montagna," ma sebbene riconosca il suo spirito democratico radicale, omette, secondo Annoni, di approfondire le implicazioni nel Sermone, la cosiddetta magna charta del Cristianesimo (21).
In 1215 we got the Magna Charta and the rule of law began to develop.