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Organization is in 18 chapters beginning with basic properties of crystals and proceeding through phonons and lattice vibrations, free and nearly free electron models, band-structure calculations, static and transport properties of solids, electron-electron interaction, dynamics of Bloch electrons, semiconductors, electronics, spintronics, diamagnetism and paramagnetism, magnetic ordering, superconductivity, heavy fermions, metallic nanoculsters, complex structures, and novel materials.
Now common in new engineering structures, especially in smart materials and intelligent components, the emerging field of magnetostriction has developed in both single phase materials with electric and magnetic ordering and also in two-phase composites where participating phases are piezoelectric and piezomagnetic.
Since the magnetic ordering was a result of the very small clusters used in the simulations, it remained to be seen if the superconductivity was also an artifact of the small clusters and the mean-field approximation.