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The Croydon-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) company has combined computer mapping and property ID technology to create address lists allowing instant mail merges for notification or consultation letters and other direct communications.
That will open the Mail Merge Recipients screen (exhibit 7, page 72), which gives you an opportunity to populate or filter the list by clicking on the (continued on page 72) arrow next to the column heading you wish to include: Address, City, State.
By printing outguides with mail merge, we save 10 hours a week of staff time plus $2,500 a year in label costs.
The early version of Mail Merge was so complicated that whenever a customer called for help, our representative would lie down on the couch to take the call, knowing the conversation was likely to last a long time.
report production, reminder letters, mail merge, capability, notification letters, even birthday greetings to clients
A mail merge takes a list of names and addresses and combines it, one by me, with a standard piece of correspondence.
Sample Microsoft Word mail-merge template files for both letters and mailing labels are included along with detailed mail merge and import instructions.
Tenders are invited for Edition, Enveloping, Electronic Archiving And Mail Merge Documents for the ASDP.
It also contains market values for all accounts and account groups and provides the ability to search and sort information, mail merge, XML-out, and create and modify groups on one screen.
We'll use Microsoft Office's Mail Merge function, which merges and integrates documents and data sources, to customize the letters.
Other new features include autosave, AppleScript for automating tasks, mail merge, clip art and more than 50 fonts.
EasyMail also allows you to send highly customized messages with personalized subject lines by using mail merge.