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MAILE, ancient English law. A small piece of money; it also signified a rent, because the rent was paid with maile.

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Maile Urbancic runs her business from home while raising their three children - daughters ages 6 and 12, and a 9-year-old son.
Maile Manoa exhibits her inherent abilities at an early age, but is powerless to do much about them.
Maile, director BU Coatings & Colorants, Schlenk, agreed that raw materials remain a challenge for the market.
tn , selon le calendrier suivant :-Delegation d'El Guettar : vendredi 10 maiDelegation de Ksar : lundi 13 maiDelegation de Mdhilla : mercredi 15 maiDelegation de Gafsa-sud : vendredi 17 maiLe communique precise qu'en cas de vacance de postes pour cause de manque de candidatures pour les specialites demandees, il sera procede ulterieurement a l'organisation d'un autre concours pour pourvoir aux postes vacants.
Recent additions to the conference including Margaret Maile Petty of Victoria University in New Zealand; Paul Brown, Australian leader in sustainable building and street lighting management, and London-based Arfon Davies of Arup Lighting.
After six years and seven award-winning issues, I am turning over Witness to a new editorial staff, led by novelist and UNLV professor Maile Chapman.
The applicants in the case were Safe Haven group members Alison Hardy and Rodney Maile, whose hopes of a legal victory rose in November 2009 when the Human Rights court asked the British government for more details of the risk assessments it carried out before building the controversial terminals on the Welsh coast.
Steve Maile and Dixon made it 3-1 in the second and Maile struck again with his second.
From left, Saffron Blackstock, Reanna Taylor, Demi Hatt, Lauren Gallacher, Tasha Smith, Berta Lowerson, Bethan Finch, Yasmin Paige, Maile Addleton, Sam Burton, Loren Clay.
com France Maile De Bievre looks a chasing star with Prix Troytown win UAE Ali Rashid Al Raihe crowned champion trainer for first time
Maile Chapman; YOUR PRESENCE IS REQUESTED AT SUVANTO; Graywolf Press (Fiction) $23.
GSSC CEO Mike Maile announced his resignation in early March when he admitted to daily newspapers that skills in audit, finance and IT 'remain a challenge'.