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In this first volume of the series, the main characters struggle to learn how to use their mystical abilities in positive ways.
If the main characters act stupidly, it doesn't increase the tension.
Fear Effect 2 begins when the video game's main characters are hired to acquire separate items for unknown purposes.
There are four main characters, who represent two potential romances.
Schnabel managed the neat trick not only of directing the biopic, about the rise and fall of '80s art-world star Jean-Michel Basquiat, but of serving as one of the movie's main characters.
Game highlights include dual main characters, incredible cinematics, and unrivaled multiplayer modes.
A list of the main characters begins the novel and becomes a useful reference aid as the story progresses.
com preserves the beautiful spirit of gift giving embodied by Della, one of the main characters in O.
The first volume introduces the main characters and lays out the basics of the plot, which looks to be complex (the explanation of what the Awakening is should be a doozy).
The Wasteland site will also feature a scrapbook from Dawnie, one of the main characters in the show, that will consist of her first-hand observations about her friends.
The seven teenagers are each main characters, and yet their individual stories are barely addressed.